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Make sure your lab is future-ready

With projects constantly evolving, and budgets tightening, how do you ensure that your lab can keep up with the demands of tomorrow?

With the SpectraMax i3x, a wide variety of user-upgradeable detection modules means you can purchase what you need today and add novel detection capabilities as needed - without the need for service engineers or costly system downtime.

From basic absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence read modes, to western blot, cell imaging, fast kinetics assays and much more, you'll get the peace-of-mind that wherever your research takes you tomorrow, you'll be ready.

For a limited time, purchase the SpectraMax® i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Reader and get either a half price MiniMax 300 imaging cytometer OR one FREE detection module*.

FREE* Detection Module OR Half Price Imaging Cytometer

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Nordic Biolabs Sprout Mini Centrifuge

Right now! 2500 SEK

ADAPT-A-RACK - Flexible Multi-Tube Rack

Right now! 99 SEK

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