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Automated extraction of circulating cell-free DNA

New product for liquid biopsy applications

Liquid biopsy is a new technology for detection and analysis of biomarkers in blood or other body fluids without the need of invasive procedures. One important analyte is cell-free circulating DNA (cfDNA). The main challenges in working with cfDNA are the low concentration and the high degree of fragmentation of cfDNA. Therefore processing higher sample volumes, typically in the range of several milliliters, is required.

STRATEC Molecular has developed the new InviMag Free Circulating DNA Kit/ IG which enables efficient, fully automated purification of cfDNA fragments from 4 ml of plasma or serum samples on the InviGenius PLUS instrument. The InviGenius PLUS simplifies laboratory workflows by using a walk-away robotic system for a magnetic bead based isolation of nucleic acids from 12 samples in parallel. Using this automated method the isolated cfDNA is concentrated to a low elution volume of 100 µl for further detection and analysis of different biomarkers.

Read more in the brochure Liquid Biopsy

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