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Is Pipetting Your Microwell Plate the Most Concentration-Intensive Task of the Day?
Picus is a versatile electronic pipette with unique features designed to help you overcome the challenges of pipetting in microwell plates.
The in-build plate tracker for 96-well and 384-well plates guides you to pipette into the correct wells. Multi-dispensing mode of Picus with plate tracker functionality increases reliability and efficiency.

New Enzymes Brochure from Lucigen is now available!

Enzymes from polymerases, to ligases, to transcriptase and more!

Among the emzyme you will find the ones originally sold by Epicentre since these are now exclusively sourced by Lucigen.

To the new Enzymes Brochure from Lucigen


Save up to 30%* off Absorbance Microplate Readers

For a limited time, save up to 30%* on selected Molecular Devices' absorbance microplate readers.

Our absorbance readers give you the greatest flexibility, sensitivity, and convenience for the broadest range of assays.

ELISA  •  DNA  •  RNA  •  Protein Quantitation • Microbial Growth  •  UV-VIS Applications

Offer expires December 7, 2018.

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