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ThermaCor® 1200, blod- och vätskevärmning för infusion, ThermaCor
upp till 1200ml/minut

En ny generation blod-och vätskevärmare som är avsedd att leverera små, medelstora och stora volymer blod/vätska till blödande patienter i flödesintervallet 10 ml/timme – 1200 ml/minut.

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New Enzymes Brochure from Lucigen is now available!

Enzymes from polymerases, to ligases, to transcriptase and more!

Among the emzyme you will find the ones originally sold by Epicentre since these are now exclusively sourced by Lucigen.

To the new Enzymes Brochure from Lucigen


Having issues with Index-hopping?


Having issues with Index-hopping? Unique Dual Indexes is a common approach used to mitigate Index-hopping that can be troublesome with some Illumina platforms. Unique dual indexing creates distinct, unrelated indexes in the p5 and p7 positions of the sequencing adaptors. If you only need 8 Unique Dual Index combinations, you can do that with Lucigen’s combinatorial unique dual indexing kit NxSeq Dual Indexing kit

You can generate up to 8 Unique Dual Indexed Libraries by using the following indexing primer pairs: (501, 701), (502, 702), (503, 703), (504, 704), (505, 705), (506, 706), (507, 707) and (508, 708). You would still have primers 709-712 that have not been used and the 501-508 primers. With the 709-712 primers you can create 2 more sets of primer pairs with 4 unique dual indexed combinations. Just remember you can’t combine libraries from group 1, 2 and 3. If you do you will not have Unique dual Indexes libraries in your sequencing pool.


NxSeq UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 96 Rxn

Unique Dual Indexes with Lucigen´s NxSeq UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 96 rxn

Interested in PCR-free Library kit needing only 75 ng sheared DNA as starting material?

NxSeq AmpFREE Low DNA Library Kit

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