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Focus on Proteomics 3/2018


Read about

  • Transform proteins into cells?
  • Better Expression of Difficult Proteins in E.coli
  • Save time and trouble when expressing proteins
  • FBS alternatives giving high performance at reduced costs
  • ...

To Focus on Proteomics 3/2018


Promega HiBiT Protein Tagging System - Sensitive, simple, antibody-free

Detect and quantify any tagged protein with a simple luminescent signal:

  • Tag and quantify endogeneous proteins
  • Monitor receptor internalization
  • Quantify protein abundance and degradation

Choose from 3 HiBit detection systems:

  • Lytic– sensitive detection in lysates, IP complexes, cell-free systems
  • Extra-cellular – quantification of secreted or membrane proteins in living cells
  • Blotting – detection of tagged proteins in minutes by antibody-free luminescence


  • Tag Endogenous Proteins via CRISPR Insertion—no Cloning Required
  • Detect GPCR Internalization without antibodies
  • Quantify regulated protein abundance

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