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News and offers - Summer edition 2017


Read about;

  • Let your balance do the job
  • Unmatched oligo synthesis leght: up to 300 bases
  • Buy Difco dehydrated media from Nordic Biolabs
  • Save your sample - use low retention tips
  • 7 minutes from TRIzol to purified RNA
  • Small instrument for a small price
  • Summer price on NanoPhotometer
  • ...

To News and offers - Summer edition 2017

We offer maintenance and calibration of your pipettes during summertime.
When you’re back to work, your pipettes are ready to use.

We calibrate and serve all brands and volumes.

  • 10 measurements at the minimum and maximum volume for better quality and accuracy (= 10.2).
  • In multichannel pipettes all channels are tested.
  • Service included in the price, excluding spare parts.

Call us for more information.

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