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Year End Offers 2018


Don´t miss out on our Year End Offers!

  • DNA/RNA UV-cleaner boxes
  • Demo instruments for sale
  • Small instruments for a small price
  • Complete solution for storing frozen samples
  • Electronic pipettes
  • Sparkfree freezer and refrigerator
  • Simple, Rapid Extraction of (q)PCR-ready DNA
  • ...

To Year End Offers 2018

DNA 500px

Only 2 steps to pure DNA fragments

Saves time and pipetting steps

  • for DNA fragments (80 bp – 30 kbp)
  • very high yields (up to 95%) in as little as 10μl
  • for PCR reactions, cDNA, dye removal, restriction digests

RTP Pathogen Kit – for high quality bacterial DNA, viral DNA and RNA for diverse range of samples in only 25 min

Sample is added to prefilled tubes with lyophilized lysis components. After lysis, the samples are transferred to a spin column-based procedure with a PCR template preparation time of 25 minutes. The ”One-Step-Lysis“ simplifies handling and reduces pipetting steps.

Starting material is very flexible:

  • up to 200 μl serum, plasma, cell-free body fluids, cell culture supernatant
  • up to 400 µl rinse liquid from swabs
  • up to 10 mg tissue samples
  • up to 109 bacteria cells
  • stool suspension
  • sputum

RTP Pathogen Kit, 50 purifications - Art nr 1040500200  
List price 2163 SEK  Now! 1730 SEK

RTP Pathogen Kit, 250 purifications - Art nr 1040500300
List price 7536 SEK  Now! 6029 SEK


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