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Lyo Capclusters Micronic Europe B.V

Artikelnummer: MP53042

Förpackningsstorlek: 10st

Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara

623 SEK

Micronic TPE Lyo Caps-96 are used for sealing sample storage tubes in a 96-well tube format. The caps are specially developed for the lyophilisation process as the vents in the caps allow water vapor to escape from the tubes. The TPE Lyo Caps are compatible with the 0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, 1.40ml, 2.00ml, and 2.50ml tubes from Micronic. The Lyo Caps are available in a Capcluster-96 format. After capping 96 tubes in one turn, the retaining foil can be removed to leave each tube individually capped.

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