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1.40ml 2D Data-Matrix coded Screw Cap tubes with External Thread V-bottom Bulk Micronic Europe B.V

Using externally-threaded tubes for sample storage eliminates the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread, which greatly reduces the chance of cross-contamination. Externally threaded tubes also allow for a higher volume of material to be stored inside, which means that sample tubes can hold more while occupying the same amount of storage space.

1.40 ml 2D Screw cap V-tube Ext. thread, Bulk
Art. nr: MP52708
Fp. Storlek 960 tubes
Lagerstatus Beställningsvara
2904 SEK
1.40 ml 2D Screw cap V-tube Ext. thread, Bulk, precapped
Art. nr: MP52708-Y20
Fp. Storlek 960 st
Lagerstatus Beställningsvara
5897 SEK
1.40 ml 2D Screw cap V-tube Ext.thread 96-4Rack High Cover
Art. nr: MP52710
Fp. Storlek 10 rack
Lagerstatus Beställningsvara
4571 SEK
1.40ml 2D Precap V-tube Screw Ext.thread 96-2Rack High Cover
Art. nr: MP52710-Y20
Fp. Storlek 10 st
Lagerstatus Beställningsvara
7543 SEK
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