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Lab Water System is offered from Sartorius and Biosan

Sartorius arium® laboratory-grade water purification systems feature an inspiring, application-oriented design.

Ultrapure Water Systems - Type 1

The arium® mini and arium® pro series offer a wide selection of modular-designed systems for producing Type 1 ultrapure water for mission-critical applications. Each system is specially tailored to your requirements, offering you excellent price-performance. Choose among different ultrapure water systems – whichever model you opt for, you'll be convinced by arium®'s performance optimized for your specific application.

Pure Water Systems – Type 2

The arium® advance EDI provides Type 2 water in consistently high quality for supplying lab instruments with feed water and for preparing buffers and media to be used in non-critical applications. Equipped with a self-regenerating electronic deionization module, a unique bagtank and an innovative iJust function, the system will help you minimize costs and time, ensuring conscientious use of your resources.

Benefit from the innovative arium® bagtank system for high-quality storage of Type 2 water quality.

Pure Water Systems – Type 3

The arium® advance RO delivers consistently high-quality Type 3 pure water for standard laboratory applications, such as feed water for lab instruments or water for preparation of non-critical buffers and solutions. Stored in the unique bagtank, purified water is protected against secondary contamination. This eliminates time-consuming cleaning procedures.

Labaqua ultrapure systems from Biosan are multi-purpose water purification systems. The Labaqua systems produce ultrapure and pure water directly from tap water.


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