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Safety container Deltalab

Containers manufactured with virgin raw materials enabling incineration; four and six liters containers are made in
autoclavable polypropylene, the rest in polyethylene. Suitable for solid waste type II and III.
They are compound by a body bearing the hazard warning label, and two lids:

  • The first offers an entire
    opening, taking advantage
    of the total diameter of the
    mouth of the container; very
    useful to throw away bigger
    volume waste. May be closed
    hermetically and definitively.
  • The secondary one presents
    a partial opening, which may
    be closed temporarily or defi-
    nitively. It embodies two devi-
    ces in order to easy the extra-
    ction/disconnection of dental
    and analytical needles, and a
    70 x 42 mm rectangular orifice.

All containers, excepting code 241500, embody a handle.
In accordance with major European and international standards (ONU ADR, ISO 6706, BS 5404, etc...)

Safety container, 4 liters
Art. nr: 244000-DL
Fp. Storlek 40
Lagerstatus Beställningsvara
1585 SEK
Safety container, 7 liters
Art. nr: 240007-DL
Fp. Storlek 20
Lagerstatus Beställningsvara
1095 SEK
Safety container, 25 liters
Art. nr: 240028-DL
Fp. Storlek 10
Lagerstatus Beställningsvara
1184 SEK
Square safety cont, 60 liters
Art. nr: 240065-DL
Fp. Storlek 10 st
Lagerstatus Beställningsvara
1859 SEK


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