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MasterPure Complete DNA & RNA purification Lucigen

Artikelnummer: MC85200

Förpackningsstorlek: 200 rxn

Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara

4552 SEK

Quickly purify high yields of high-molecular-weight genomic DNA, total cellular RNA or Total Nucleic Acid (TNA) with one kit
•Epicentre ProductFast:Purify Total Nucleic Acid (TNA), DNA or RNA in 30 – 60 minutes
•Safe: Does not use hazardous phenol, chloroform or guanidine
•High Purity: A260/A280 ratios consistently between 1.8 and 2.0
•High Yields: Improves yields by avoiding the use of columns which often reduce nucleic acid yields
•Versatile: Purify TNA, genomic DNA, total RNA, FFPE RNA, or both genomic DNA and total RNA from a sample
•Total RNA Recovery: Purify both large and small (e.g., miRNA) RNA for RNA-Seq or qRT-PCR
•Proven: Hundreds of citations for purification of DNA and RNA from dozens of sample types for use in many applications
The MasterPure™ Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit enables rapid, high yield purification of high-molecular-weight genomic DNA, total cellular RNA and Total Nucleic Acid (TNA) from many different sample types.

The kit procedure uses a safe, gentle, and scalable salt-precipitation protocol that eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals and yield-reducing columns. Purification reactions can be scaled up or scaled down depending on the amount of nucleic acid needed and the size of the sample. MasterPure Kits for Nucleic Acid purifications Gram-positive bacteria, yeast DNA and blood samples are also available.


Purification of genomic DNA or total RNA for many applications, including:
•Library preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS) of genomic DNA and RNA
•DNA methylation studies using Illumina® Infinium® HumanMethylation BeadChips
•Genomic DNA and cDNA cloning
•qPCR and qRT-PCR
•Micrarray analyses (CGH, gene expression profiling, etc)





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