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LightSwitch ACTB Promoter Control, SwitchGear S717678 ACTIVE MOT

Artikelnummer: 32003-AF

Förpackningsstorlek: 5 g

Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara

3938 SEK

LightSwitch™ ACTB Promoter Control is a positive control.

Coordinates: chr7–:5343428 - 5344428


Active Motif offers a panel of positive and negative control constructs for the LightSwitch™ Promoter Reporter Vector. These controls are used to measure background, to optimize experimental conditions and to normalize for non-specific effects associated with a treatment or change in condition. Note that the unique RenSP luciferase technology utilized in the LightSwitch Assay System eliminates the need for co-transfection of a normalizing control in most cases. So, instead of one control construct being co-transfected with every experimental plasmid, different control vectors can be used in your reporter assay experiment, each in its own well, in addition to the constructs being tested. Using the most suitable positive and negative control vectors for your specific experiment will give you the highest degree of confidence in your results.

IMPORTANT:  Because all LightSwitch reporter constructs contain the optimized RenSP luciferase gene, you MUST use our LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagents to obtain optimal results. (Other luciferase assay reagents are not compatible with RenSP.)

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