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Nuclear Complex Co-IP Kit Active Motif Europe

Artikelnummer: 54001-AF

Förpackningsstorlek: 50 rxn

Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara

4796 SEK

The Nuclear Complex Co-IP Kit simplifies co-immunoprecipitation of nuclear protein complexes by providing high-quality reagents for both nuclear extract preparation and immunoprecipitation. The kit's extraction process maintains protein complexes contained in the nucleus, specifically those previously bound to DNA, while the stringency of the Co-IP reagents can be easily adjusted so you can better study protein/protein interactions of varying strength.

Antibody binding beads are not included in the Nuclear Complex Co-IP kit and must be supplied by the user. Active Motif recommends our Protein G Agarose Columns for easy and efficient capture of the IP complex. The Protein G Agarose Columns contain pre-washed protein G agarose beads that have been specifically engineered to reduce non-specific binding. The beads are provided ready to use in filtration columns that streamline the antibody binding, wash and elution steps


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Frys -20

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