Kostnadsfritt webinarium - Fysiken bakom gammaspektroskopi

Dr. Uwe van Severen från ORTEC förklarar fysiken bakom gammaspektroskopi.

Här kan du ladda ner webinariet - Fysiken bakom gammaspektroskopi

19 Februari kl. 10.00 - 11.30


  • Interaction of gamma rays with matter, Compton effect, photo effect and pair production
  • Detector response function
  • Analyzing these effects in a real spectrum
  • Understanding the physics of beta decay, alpha decay and gamma de-excitation
  • Understanding what a gamma ray is, particle wave dualism
  • Band model – semiconductor
  • How to build a germanium detector
  • Different types and new developments
  • Detector selection criteria: cooling, energy range, neutron damage, rel efficiency vs abs efficiency, P/T ratio
  • Microphonics and a possible cure for that
  • Partial warming of a detector and a cure for that

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