Centrifuges package deals for different applications

We are having a large price promotion for specific setups of AFI centrifuge.

Micro Centrifuge LIA refrigerated or ventilated. LIA Centrifug.jpg
With speed rate up to 15 000 Rpm and a wide range of rotors, this package with LIA Refrigerated / ventilated centrifuge will help you to get better results & more samples in less time.

AFI Discount 1    
LIA micro centrifuge refrigerated with 2 rotors,
Angular rotor 24 place from 0,2 to 2mLAngular rotor 4-place for 8-tubes PCR   
Right now! 40 165 SEK

AFI discount 2  
 LIA micro centrifuge ventilated with 2 rotors
Angular rotor 24 place from 0,2 to 2mL Angular rotor 4-place for 8-tubes PCR
Right now! 15 345 SEK

ISA refrigerated compact centrifuge Cell culture setup

This ISA package combines a dedicated bucket for 50mL with 15mL adapter for 15 and 50 ml conical tubes as well as a 2-place rotor for spinning standard microplates. The ISA centrifuge offers a fast, compact refrigerated centrifuge.

AFI Discount 3    
ISA compact centrifuge refrigerated with rotors. Dedicated 50 mL bucket (AFI-DB 150)
Adapter for 8x 15 mL ( AFI- 50R15C). Microplates pack (AFI-RBHDWN-150)  
Right now! 67 339 SEK

ISA ventilated compact centrifuge Cytology setup

AFI offer you a new solution for cytology application. With the cytology rotor supplied with clip, AFI is able to centrifuge 12 cytology funnels. Many different models of funnels are compatible: Single, Double, Mega..etc

AFI Discount 4    
ISA compact centrifuge ventilated with cytology rotor and clip to support funnels
Right now! 38 561 SEK

Lisa refrigerated centrifuge Cell culture setup

LISA will offer you the best solution for Lisa centrifuge.jpg
high throughput cell culture applications. This package offers accessories for spinning up to 44 x 15 ml conical tubes, 16 x 50ml tubes, or up to 16 microplates with dedicated microplates buckets.

AFI Discount 5  
Lisa refrigerated centrifuge with rotor.
Swing our rotor RX 625
Set of 4 buckets (B 625)
Set of 4 Lids (L625)
Set of 4 adapter 15 mL (2T15)
Set of 4 adapter 50 mL (2T50)
Set of 4 buckets for MPT (RXDW)    
Right now! 91 875 SEK

All offers are valid until August 31 2020 and can not be combined with other offers or agreements with Nordic Biolabs AB. All prices are ex VAT. Please refer to the campaigne in order to get the right price when ordering.