Focus on RNA

News and offers 1/2019, Focus on RNA

  • Collect and preserve your RNA from whole blood
  • Pipettes and tips from Sartorius
  • Instruments from Biosan
  • EnduraTM - Competent Cells
  • Just weighing
  • Small and cool under bench ULT freezer
  • ...

To News and offers 1/2019

We welcome Norgen BiotekMage med bakterier

Norgen Biotek is based in Canada and is focused on sample collection, sample preservation and sample preparation for RNA, microRNA, DNA and protein purification, clean-up and concentration for research and diagnostic applications.

In their portfolio you can for example find devices and reagents for handling different types of samples like:

  • stool (stabilize DNA at RT
  • for 2 years/RNA 7 days)
  • urine
  • saliva (stabilize DNA at RT for 5 years),
  • cfDNA (stabilize DNA/RNA for 30 days at RT)