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G9243    CellTiter-Glo(R) 2.0 Assay 500ml
E1910    Dual-Luciferase(R) Reporter Assay System
V5111    Seq Grade Modified Trypsin, 100ug (5 x 20ug)
N2615    RNasin(R) Plus RNase Inhibitor, 10,000u
G7571    CellTiter-Glo(R) Luminescent Cell Viability, 10 x 10ml
G8091    Caspase-Glo(R) 3/7 Assay, 10ml
M7823    GoTaq(R) G2 Green Master Mix, 1,000rxn
E1980    Dual-Luciferase(R) Reporter 1000 Assay System
E1960    Dual-Luciferase(R) Reporter Assay System 10-Pack
L4130    TNT(R) SP6 Coupled Wheat Germ Extract System
AS1030    Maxwell(R) 16 Tissue DNA Purification Kit
G3581    CellTiter 96(R) AQueous One Solution Assay, 5,000 assays
G8743    CellTox(TM) Green Cytotoxicity Assay, 100ml
E2670    QuantiFluor(R) dsDNA System
E2312    FuGENE(R) HD Transfection Reagent, 5 X 1ml
N1120    Nano-Glo(R) Luciferase Assay, 100ml
G1780    CytoTox 96(R) Non-Radio. Cytotoxicity Assay, 10X96 well plt
E2311    FuGENE(R) HD Transfection Reagent, 1ml
AS1130    Maxwell(R) 16 FFPE Tissue LEV DNA Purification Kit
M7848    GoTaq(R) G2 DNA Polymerase, 2,500u
V7461    MS Compatible Yeast Protein Extract, Digest, 100ug

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The goal of Active Motif Epigenetic Services is to make cutting-edge research accessible to the wider life science community. For over 10 years they have provided services for state-of-the-art techniques that have helped accelerate the research of scientists in academic laboratories, government institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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