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Refill your Möbius with LN2 every other yearProduktgruppsbild Kylning.jpg

Take a break. Instead of refilling LN2 every week, just do it every other year!

The ORTEC Möbius Recycler technology provides “tried and tested” LN2 cooling of your HPGe detector in a system where LN2 requires refilling approximately once every other year under normal, continuous operating conditions.

  • Ability to achieve LN2 performance without the requirement for frequent system refilling – thus saving time, money and reducing hazardous material handling.
  • During a loss of input power, the Möbius will continue cooling the detector as if it were a standard dewar.

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Upgrade your Multichannel analyzer DSPEC270x170px.jpg

Upgrade your Multichannel analyzer ( MCA ) to a single DSPEC 50/50A or dual DSPEC 502/502A version.

The DSPEC 50 and DSPEC 502 are available in the original Standard and newer Advanced models. Both models have the same superior digital signal processing and stability for optimal spectroscopic performance while the Advanced models include;

  • ADC Conversion Gain up to 64k channels for expanded energy range applications!
  • Digital Coincidence Timing for simplified Compton Suppression and Cosmic Veto Systems with excellent performance!
  • Web Page and Web Services Interfaces for Operating System independence!

Right now! 20% discount! Ask for quote.

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