Keep Learning with Active Motif Epigenetics Webinars

ON DEMAND - With many people now working from home, we wanted to share our new series of webinars to help you keep learning until things get back to normal.

Tools to Study the Epigenetics of Aging
In this webinar, Dr. Sarantis Chlamydas, Ph.D., Epigenetics Expert at Active Motif, discusses the epigenetic mechanisms involved in aging and highlights the available tools and strategies for studying these mechanisms.
Bringing Epigenetic Analysis into the Clinic
In this webinar, Dr. Joshua Messinger, Ph.D., R&D Scientist at Active Motif, discusses innovative approaches that have been developed to enable epigenetic analyses to be applied to clinical samples.
[VIDEO] Dr. David Gorkin Discusses the PIXUL™
In this short video, Dr. David Gorkin, Ph.D., the Associate Director of Epigenomics at the Center for Epigenomics at UCSD, discusses his experience demoing our PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator and covers its advantages relative to other sonication instruments.
Epigenetic Tools for Blood Cancer Research
In this webinar, Dr. Michael Garbati, Ph.D., Technical Support Scientist at Active Motif, discusses how epigenetic methods can be applied to study disease states, using the specific example of blood cancers.
Advances in Chromatin and DNA Shearing
In this webinar, Dr. Rwik Sen, Ph.D., Field Applications Scientist at Active Motif, discusses how the PIXUL™ Multi-Sample Sonicator addresses many of the issues around chromatin and DNA shearing.
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