The importance of monitoring ionized Magnesium in the intensive care units (ICU)

ON DEMAND - tMg is used to identify patients with hypomagnesemia. Various studies show the clinical significance of using iMg, the functional form of tMg, to correctly identify patients with hypomagnesemia.

The webinar will review the pathophysiology and clinical consequence of hypomagnesemia in critically ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). Nova Biomedical will review the various methods of magnesium concentration determination, along with the recent published studies evaluating ionized magnesium monitoring in the ICU. They will determine clinical scenarios appropriate for ionized magnesium monitoring, and evaluate the impa ct on pharmacy cost utilization.


• Identify the physiologic mechanisms and consequence of hypomagnesemia in critical illness
• Determine the various methods of measuring magnesium levels
• Evaluate the literature regarding ionized magnesium monitoring in the intensive care unit

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