How do I choose the right glove?

When choosing nitrile gloves for personal protection there are several points to consider. Our supplier Shield Scientific divides this into 4 protection levels

1. Chemical protection : ISO 374-1:2016
(giving you the breakthrough time of the chemical)

  • The thicker the glove, the better it will resist chemical permeation
  • We offer a on-line chemical reistance guide, with over 100 chemicals tested
    on the Shield Scientific gloves (EN 16523-1:2015) – Chemical resistance guide
  • A longer glove offers a better anchorage on the forearm and enhanced protection


2. Biohazard Protection:  ISO 374-:2016

A lower AQL means lower risk of pinholes in your gloves and therefore better barrier properties. Shield Scientific has the lowest AQL value in the market on
the green, orange and red glove – AQL=0.25!

  • The AQL level is demonstrated by the watertight tests (EN 374-2:2014)
  • Virus resistance of gloves is tested according to ISO 16604:2004 procedure B
  • An additional test for Virus penetration resistance test (Bacteriophage Phi-174)
    for given times and pressures will give extra reassurance

Sampling method according to ISO 2859, for a batch of 150 to 500 000 gloves,
Inspection level G1.

3. Double protection: twinSHIELD TM

Shield Scientific is the only producer that can offer an extra level of protection.
When producing the green, orange and red glove the mold is diped two times
into nitrile. The process reduces the risk of pinholes and improves the barrier effectiveness (AQL 0.25)

  • Double layer: a white, soft and comfortable inner layer and a coloured outer layer
    according to the risk level
  • If there is a defect on one of the two layers, the second layer will keep your hand safe!

4. Easy protection: 4 colours

    To ease the glove selection and to facilitate your risk management (traffic light principle). For example RED = Use when you need high level of protection.
    Easier to choose the right glove in a particular location (eTBr zone,
    biosafety cabinet, radioactive lab work, lab animal cabinets etc.).
    Between a good laboratory health and safety strategy and a well-controlled PPE budget. By offering more than one glove in a lab it is possible to choose the glove that is best suited for a defined application – this will provide the best protection for all processes and at the same time keep the cost down.


New Regulation / New Standards


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