Histone PTM Multiplex Service

Profile histone modifications in multiple

Active Motif's Histone PTM Quantitation Service gives you access to ground-breaking technology that enables high-throughput multiplexed screening of histone modifications. The service uses Luminex® xMAP® magnetic bead-based multiplexing technology to simultaneously measure multiple histone modification targets in a single reaction. This first-of-its-kind multiplex epigenetic assay generates more data with less sample than traditional western blot or ELISA methods.

Technology covered under U.S. Patent No. 8367334 b2.


Assay Features

  • Minimal cell requirement of 250,000 cells is sufficient to quantify 13 histone modifications.
  • Detects ≥ 10% difference between samples.
  • Controls include total H3 and samples containing known PTM changes.
  • Histone PTM Quantitation Service includes:
  • Assay design.
  • Sample preparation.
  • Completion of the Luminex assay.
  • Data analysis.

Histone PTM Sample Submission form

Histone PTM Cell Prep Protocol form