Mod Spec® Service

Quantitation of histone PTMs using mass spectrometry
Mod Spec® is a mass spectrometry method that is used to measure the relative abundance of > 80 different histone modifications. Mod Spec® is a great starting point to determine if epigenetic changes are occurring in response to disease or treatment. The large number of modifications monitored allows researchers to not only observe expected changes, but to discover unexpected changes, which can be even more informative.

Analyze histone modification changes in:

  • Response to epigenetic inhibitors
  • Normal vs diseased cells
  • Knock-out cells or animals
  • Inhibitor treated xenografts
  • Human biopsies

The Process
Submit cell pellets or tissue and Active Motif will perform histone extractions, sample preparation, and mass spectrometry using the Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Quantum Ultra™ Triple-Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. All samples are run in triplicate and data are presented in an easy to understand format. Data delivery typically occurs within 4 - 6 weeks of sample submission.

Sample Requirements

  • Cells required: 2 - 5 million
  • Tissue requirements: 25 - 100 mg



^ Multiple H2A isoforms may contribute to the signal for modifications on H2A.

* H3R2me2 and H3K4me2/3 are mutually exclusive modifications. H3R2 methylation prevents H3K4 methylation. Therefore, H3K4 modifications  are reported only on the H3R2 unmodified peptide. For more information, see Nature. 2007 Oct 18; 449(7164):933-7.

H3.2 may contribute to signals for modifications labeled H3.1.

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