Cellometer K2 Automated Cell Counter for Single-Cell Genomics

The field of single-cell genomics is advancing rapidly and continues to provide novel insights into diverse applications, such as gene expression dynamics and disease pathogenesis.

Accurate cell counts are critical in sample preparation for single-cellCellometer K2 Automated Cell Counter for Single-Cell Genomics Cirklar.jpg
sequencing. Viability and clumps also need to be assessed to minimize double rate.

  • Low sample volume: 2-20µl per sample
  • Accurate cell and nuclei counts of cell lines and primary samples
  • Automated de-clumping feature
  • Broad dynamic range for concentration and viability measurements
  • Only 30 seconds per count

K2 Accuracy From Cell Lines to Primary Samples - Including Clumpy Cells!.jpg

K2 User Proven Performance.jpg

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