What would fewer failed NGS libraries mean for your lab?

The world's largest MDx companies classify LGC, Biosearch Technologies as a mission critical component provider for their molecular diagnostics products because they need a partner that delivers quality products on time as promised. Because quality and robustness matter when you have to deliver.

NxSeq™ DNA Library Kits improve your entire NGS experience by:

  • Increasing robustness and decreasing repeats: Maximised adaptor ligation improves sequencing results while decreasing the number of failed library preps and/or sequencing runs.
  • Shortening turnaround time: Streamlined protocols from 2 to 3 hours save you time and get your samples on the sequencer quicker.
  • Reducing users errors: Simplified protocols with minimal components and single-tube enzymatic steps reduce the risk of errors while improving the user experience.
  • Decreasing costs: Great value with low priced, high performance kits.

Download the case study to find out how the Riazalhosseini lab at McGill University leveraged these kits in a cancer biomarker discovery project