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Anti lba 1, Rabbit Polyclonal antibody for Immunocytochemistry

Specific to microglia and macrophages but not cross-reactive with neurons and astrocytes

Reactive with human, mouse and rat Iba1

For research only.

Calcium ions are known to be one of the most important signal mediators in all cells including central nervous system (CNS) cells. Calcium ions exert their signaling activity through asociation with various calcium binding proteins, many of which are classified into a large protein family, the EF hand protein family.
Iba1 is a 17-kDa EF hand protein that is specifically expressed in macrophages/microglia and is upregulated during the activation of these cells.
Wakos rabbit polyclonal antibodies were raised against a synthetic peptide corresponding to the Iba1 carboxy-terminal sequence, which was conserved amoung human, rat and mouse Iba1 protein sequences. The antibody for immunocytochemistry is specifically reactive to microglia/macrophages, is appropriate for immuno-double staining of brain tissues and cell culture in combination with monoclonal antibody to GFAP (Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein), which specifically reacts to astorocyte.

Storage condition: Keep at -20°C

Anti lba 1, Rabbit Polyclonal antibody for Immunocytochemistry

Art nr: 019-19741

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