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Accumax for single cells

Accumax is a cell detachment solution suitable for various cell types. It is used for passaging, cell counting, viral transfection assays, cell sorting, flow cytometry, and bioreactor scale-up.
  • Prevents cells from aggregating
  • Cell surface markers and receptors remain intact
  • Ideal for suspension cell cultures

A cell dissociation solution containing proteolytic, collagenolytic and DNase enzymes. It is a ready to use non-mammalian, non-bacterial replacement for all applications of trypsin and collagenase in tissue dissociation, cell counting, and dissolving cell clumps such as spheroids. Useful for increasing the accuracy of cell counts. Does not affect the surface epitopes of the cells and therefore ideal for FACS Analysis.

Accumax for single cell suspensions

Art nr: ACM-1F

Fp. Storlek

100 mL


Temperature Range Storage: ≤-15°C
Filtration Sterile-filtered