SH30517, SFM4 CHO Utility without L-Glutamine (powder)

A versatile protein-free cell culture media designed for the production of recombinant proteins in suspension cultures.


  • Designed for high cell yield and recombinant protein production
  • Supports multiple CHO clones
  • Allows for direct or sequential adaptation
  • Supports growth in multiple cell culture systems
  • Manufactured from traceable components according to cGMP guidelines

HyClone SFM4CHO-Utility is a versatile cell culture medium designed to support the growth of multiple Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell clones and production of a variety of recombinant proteins. The medium enables excellent growth of many CHO cells with minimal adaptation.

SFM4 CHO Utility without L-Glutamine (powder), 1x 5 L

Art nr: SH30517.01

Fp. Storlek

1 x 5L