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CellScrew- Cell culture flask for adherent cells

The CellScrew is a single-use cell culture device. The C ellScrew®s surface is suitable for the cultivation of adherent cell lines such as HEK-293 and more. It is manufactured in an additive manufacturing process and is made of plant-based polylactic acid (PLA). TC-treated, sterile, research grade.
  • CellScrew mini - Growth area (each): 850 cm², 3 pieces/unit including adapter for rolling
  • CellScrew 6K - Growth area: 6000 cm²; Height: 19,19 cm, Diameter: 121 cm
  • CellScrew 10K - Growth area: 10000 cm²; Height: 28,39 cm; Diameter: 121 cm

CellScrew mini

Art nr: 10000-GEB

Fp. Storlek

3 St/Fp

CellScrew 6K

Art nr: 1006K-GEB

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CellScrew 10K

Art nr: 1010K-GEB

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