Clipmax 10 cm‚

Clipmax is a combination of a cell culture flask with a standard microscope slide (25 x 75 mm) with 10 cm2 activated growth area and detachable medium chamber.

Grow adherent cells directly on Clipmax. Remove the chamber, fix and stain the cells and Clipmax is ready for the microscope. Clipmax is especially useful for viral and mycoplasma testing, chromosome studies, toxicity tests and immunocytology.

Clipmax 10 cm‚

Art nr: 70010

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Clipmax 10 cm PS FC

Art nr: 70011

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Endotoxin Free of detectable endotoxins (pyrogens) Representative product test with Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate test (LAL) resp. bacterial endotoxins test (BET) according to the guidelines United States Pharmacopeia (USP) general chapter and European Pharmacopoeia (EP) general chapter 2.6.14.
Cytotoxicity Non-cytotoxic, proven by representative test according to ISO 10993-5:1999 and USP chapter 135
DNA/RNA Free of detectable DNA/RNA and ATP
DNase/RNase Free of detectable DNase/Rnase
Level of Endotoxins Detection limit: <0,06 EU/ml
SAL-3 Sterility Assurance Level: SAL 10-50