SH30087, Cosmic Bovine Calf Serum US Origin

A bovine calf serum fortified with iron and growth promoting factors for growing a broad spectrum of cell types. Sourced in the USA with complete traceability back to original source. Age of animal at time of collection approximately 16-24 weeks


  • Low in antibodies and high in growth factors
  • Virus panel testing according to 9 CFR 113.53
  • Supplemented with iron and growth-promoting factors

HyClone Cosmic Calf serum is a high-performing bovine calf serum that has been fortified with iron and a proprietary blend of growth-promoting factors. The result is a naturally derived, high-quality engineered serum that has demonstrated excellent performance with a broad range of cell types.

Cosmic Bovine Calf Serum US Origin, 500 ml

Art nr: SH30087.03

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500 ml

Cosmic Bovine Calf Serum US Origin, 1000 ml

Art nr: SH30087.04

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Cosmic Bovine Calf Serum US Origin, 100 ml

Art nr: SH30087.02

Fp. Storlek

100 ml