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CoolCell SV2 Stem Cell Cryopreservation System

 CoolCell SV2 Stem Cell Cryopreservation System is a kit designed for efficient and controlled preparation and cryopreservation of stem cells and cell therapy products. 

Ice-free cell preparation:
The XT Starter ice-free cooling base and CoolRack SV2 vial module (above right) provide up to 4 hours of ice-free cooling (0.5 to 4.0°C) for cell and cryoprotectant preparation. Simply freeze the XT Starter core in a -20°C freezer then rest the thermo-conductive CoolRack SV2 on top. The system will equilibrate to approximately 2°C and keep all samples uniformly cold and free of ice contamination. The small footprint and low profile make this an ideal cooling solution for cell preparation performed in a tissue culture a hood.

XT Starter ice-free cooling base: (L x W x H): 16.2 x 12.0 x 5.5 cm / 6.4 x 4.8 x 2.2 in
CoolRack SV2 module:  (L x W x H):  12.7 x 8.6 x 3.8 cm / 5.0 x 3.4 x 1.5 in  Well dimensions:  (Diam x height):  15.7 x 44.5 mm / 0.62 x 1.75 in. Holds 12 vials. 

Controlled-rate cell freezing:
The CoolCell SV2 cell freezing container (above left) provides highly reproducible -1℃/minute freezing rate for cells when cryopreserved in a -80℃ freezer. No programming or alcohol is required - simply place in a -80°C freezer. The insulative outer housing and thermo-conductive core ensure consistent heat removal to all vials throughout the freezing period. CoolCell containers are unbreakable, open easily when frozen, and are not cold to the touch when frozen - no "frosty" fingers.

Holds 12 injectable vials. Vial fill volume: 1 mL per vial. 

Dimensions (Diam x H):  11.7 x 10.9 cm / 4.6 x 4.3 in   Well dimensions: (Diam x height):  15.7 x 44.5 mm / 0.62 x 1.75 in.

CoolCell SV2 Stem Cell Cryopreservation System

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