Sterile Alcohol 70% Aerosol

Aerosols are an easy-to-use and popular means of applying sterile alcohol. Their light weight and easy-to-operate spray is welcomed by users who may find larger sprays heavy and the repetitive trigger action tiring. Being pressurised there is no issue with suck-back and contents will remain sterile in use. Available as IPA 70% in WFI or as DE 70% in WFI.
  • Guaranteeing a low endotoxin level and suitability for product contact areas.
  • 0.2 micron filtered and 25kGy gamma irradiated for sterility
  • Double bagged for ease of transfer

70% Etanol aerosolspray 400 ml steril

Art nr: 105614

Fp. Storlek

16 x 400 ml/Fp