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ThawSTAR Automated Thawing Unit

The ThawSTAR® CFT2 Thawing Instrument replaces unstandardized manual methods such as thawing in a water bath and hand thawing, and can be leveraged early in the R&D phase and scaled into commercial manufacturing and point-of‑care. Several factors including cell size and choice of cryopreservation media can affect thawing rate, viability and function of a live drug product. For therapeutic thawing of cells, ThawSTAR instruments will undergo custom tuning using advanced algorithms for the specific cell therapy product under development, in order to ensure that the optimal thaw rate and cell health is achieved.

ThawSTAR CFT2 Transporter is a portable solution for the handling and transport of frozen vials from long-term storage in vapor phase liquid nitrogen or in a -80°C freezer to downstream processing with the ThawSTAR Automated Thawing Instrument.

Vial Compatibility:
Compatible with major vial manufacturers 


ThawSTAR Automated Thawing Unit

Art nr: MCS-601

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