Cellometer Auto 1000 Cell Viability Counter

Cellometer Auto 1000 is a convenient all-in-one system with a large 10" touch-screen for parameter settings, counting control and visualization of cell morphology and counted cells. Results are presented in bright-field images, cell count tables and size distribution histograms. Results are auto-saved.
  • Trypan Blue Viability in < 10 Seconds
  • Cells are counted correctly, based on size and shape, debris is being excluded. Irregular-shaped cells are recognized by the Cellometer pattern-recognition software
  • Cellometer Disposable Counting Chambers with precisely controlled height are used for exact, reproducible counting. Sample volume is 20µL; two chambers per slide

The Cellometer cell roundness setting can be adjusted for recognition and counting of irregular-shaped cells, such as RD cells, activated T-cells, and skin cancer cells like the SK-MEL-2 cells shown at right. The Cellometer Auto 1000 automatically generates a cell size histogram based on cell diameter. Applied gating can be adapted.

Cellometer Auto 1000 Counter touchscreen software 75 slides


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