Cellometer Auto T4 Plus

Cell concentration and viability for over 1600 cell lines and cultured primary cells!

The Auto T4 is a PC-based instrument for one-step 4x bright field image capture and analysis. This state-of-the-art cell counter performs count, size, and Trypan Blue viability analyses that are 10x faster and more accurate than manual counting. This instrument is ideal for cell lines and purified primary cells, including MCF-7 breast cancer cells, PC3 prostate cancer cells, and 1600 other cell types, due to its advanced software that assesses clumpy cells and omits debris.


Main features and benefits:

  • Automated counting, used for over 1600 cell types, 99% of mammalian cells!
  • 1-step cell concentration and viability
  • Analysis of clumpy and irregular-shaped cells
  • Cell size analysis & size-based counting, excludes debris
  • Counted Cell Images for data verification
  • 10x faster than manual counting
  • Small footprint
  • No washing or contamination
  • Cellometer Disposable Counting Chambers with precisely controlled height are used for exact, reproducible counting. Sample volume is 20µL; two chambers per slide


The Cellometer cell roundness setting can be adjusted for recognition and counting of irregular-shaped cells, such as RD cells, activated T-cells, and skin cancer cells like the SK-MEL-2 cells shown at right. The Cellometer Mini automatically generates a cell size histogram based on cell diameter. Applied gating can be adapted.


Cellometer Auto T4 Plus StartK controller software 75 slides

Art nr: AUTO T4 PLUS SK-150

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1 set

Cellometer Auto T4 Plus Cellcounter software 75 slides

Art nr: AUTO T4 PLUS

Fp. Storlek

1 set