Cellometer Auto 2000 Automatic Cell Viability Counter

An all-in-one, touch-screen cell imager for automated 4x bright field and dual-channel fluorescent image capture and analysis. The Auto 2000 accurately calculates cell count, size, and viability in 30 seconds. Live/dead cell evaluation based on AO/PI method.
  • Analysis of Clumpy and Irregular-shaped Cells
  • Cell Size Analysis & Size-based Counting. Auto-Save Data and Cell Images
  • Cellometer Disposable Counting Chambers with precisely controlled height are used for exact, reproducible counting. Sample volume is 20µL; two chambers per slide

Ideal for complex samples characterized by heavy debris, red blood cell contamination, low cell concentrations, and multiple cell types. Evaluates viability in nucleated cells with maintained membrane integrity. 

Used to evaluate: Nucleated Cells for Transplantation, PBMCs for Immunology, Splenocytes for Vaccine Development, Stem Cells for Cellular Therapy, Tumor Cell Suspensions for Oncology
The dual-fluorescence AO/PI method utilizes nuclear staining dyes that bind to nucleic acids in the cell nucleus. Because most mature mammalian red blood cells do not contain nuclei, only live and dead mononuclear cells produce a fluorescent signal. There is no need to lyse red blood cells, saving time and eliminating an extra sample preparation step. Red blood cells, platelets, and debris are not counted in the fluorescent channels.

Cellometer Auto 2000 Counter dual fluorescence 75 slides

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