Celigo High Throughput Micro-Well Image Cytometer

Analyzes all cells in all micro-wells, every time. Bench-top imaging system with fully automated acquisition and quantification.
  • All formats: 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536-wells, T-Flasks, slides
  • Fast acquisition of entire wells, consistent illumination and contrast, out to all edge
  • Proprietrary optics with bes-in-class bright field and up to 5 fluorescent channels

Assay examples:
Cell count (adherent or suspension), viability, cell cycle, phagocytosis, surface markers, cell secretion, cell growth tracking, morphology etc

Cell line development: single colony or single tumor sphere identification, single cell per well, transfection/transduction

Virology: titer, infection, Ab-neutralization, transduction efficiency, cytopathic effect, CAR T cell-cytotoxicity

iPSC reprogramming: fibroblast doubling, iPSC colony counting, embryoid body formation, immunostaining etc

Migration/invasion: chemotaxis, wound healing, transwell invasion


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Celigo Imaging Cytometer 5-Ch Classic-Coll-Suite Autom-Lic

Art nr: 200-BFFL-5C-AUTO

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