Centrisart® G-16C Micro-Centrifuge with cooling

The refrigerated Centrisart® G-16C bench top centrifuge was specifically developed for high-capacity, cell culture applications. This centrifuge also has the option of high speed of 15,300 rpm which allows it to be also used for molecular biology applications. The low profile and damping system lets the centrifuge fit on every laboratory bench top and ensures operation to be quite, simple and comfortable. Centrisart® G-16C comes with different rotor options to accommodate almost all vessel types, which can be used for low to high throughput.
• High capacity
• Multifunctional – for universal use in the lab
• Refrigerated, intense cooling
• Suitable for all laboratory applications
• Volume: 4 × 400 ml
• Capacity: 1,600 ml
• Temperature increments: Adjustable in increments of 1° C
• Coolant: CFC-free (R134a)
• Motor: Maintenance-free, brushless drive motor
• Lid-lock release: Electromechanical locked lid, automatic lid-lock release
• Rotor Chamber: Stainless Steel
• Imbalance safety mechanism: Automated imbalance control
• Rotor Safety: Automatic detection, cycle counting of the rotors

Centrisart® G-16C Micro-Centrifuge with cooling

Art nr: G-16C-1EU

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