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Densitometer (suspension turbidity detector)

For measurement of cell suspension's turbidity in the range of 0.3–5.0 McFarland units (100×106 – 150×107 cells/ml).A densitometer is used for measurement of cell concentration (bacterial, yeast cells) during fermentation process, determination of microorganism sensitivity to antibiotics, microorganism identification using various test-systems, for measurement of absorption at the definite wavelength, as well as for quantitative estimation of concentration of colour solution, absorbing green light.
  • The unit is calibrated at the factory (for operation with 16 mm diameter glass tubes) and keeps calibration without power supply.
  • The operation principle is based on measurement of optical density with digital presentation of results in McFarland units

Two versions of the product are available:
DEN-1 powered from external energy supply;
DEN-1B powered both from external energy supply and from batteries (АА). Besides, DEN-1B operates with higher precision of measurements (up to 0,01 McF).

Certified reference material, neutral density glass filter set of 4 Abs calibration points - 0.3532, 1,0512, 2,0425, 2,927 (the values may vary slightly from batch to batch)


DEN-1, McFarland densitometer with A-16 adapter 16mm tubes

Art nr: BS-050102-AAF

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DEN-1B, McFarland densitometer with A-16 adapter 16mm tubes

Art nr: BS-050104-AAF

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Certified reference material,

Art nr: BS-050109-AK

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