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DEN-600 Photometer

A compact, portable, rechargeable battery powered photometer. DEN-600 comprises of 600 nm wavelength optical system, which enables to apply:
  • OD600 method that estimated total number of cells,
  • McFarland (McF) turbidity measurement method
  • Bradford protein assay method for protein concentration measurement

Battery powered and compact and can be comfortably located in a biosafety cabinet, anaerobic chamber or quickly moved to another lab room. Additionally, the vessel holding mechanism allows accommodating standard 10 mm path cuvettes, round bottom, conical vials or falcon tubes, therefore enabling to measure the absorbance and turbidity in Abs, OD or McF units.

DEN-600 Photometer

Art nr: BS-050109-AAA

Fp. Storlek

1 St


12 100 SEK


Wavelength Range 600 nm ±10 nm
Outer Dimension (WxDxH) 120 × 145 × 65 mm
Mätområde 0 – 3.0 Abs | 0 - 16.00 McF