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FastPrep-24 5G Instrument

The FastPrep-24 5G is a versatile sample disruption instrument designed to quickly and efficiently homogenize, grind, or lyse biological samples. A completely self-contained system, the FastPrep-24 5G eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and time-consuming clean-up associated with manual lysis methods.
  • Samples are added to individual lysing matrix tubes and placed into sample holder adapters within the instrument
  • The unique, optimized motion of the FastPrep-24 5G shakes the samples in a tridimensional motion resulting in the collision of the sample material with the lysing matrix particles
  • Intuitive software makes programming the FastPrep-24 5G fast and simple.

Lysis of yeast, fungi, and bacteria, soft tissues, cells, Isolation of PCR-Ready Genomic DNA from fecal or soil samples. Isolation of PCR-Ready Genomic DNA from fungi and bacteria samples. DNA & RNA Purification. Breaks hard/brittle samples. Isolate DNA from virtually any source. Lysis of highly contagious samples. Grinding of teeth, bones, hair and pulverization of building materials.   

FastPrep-24 5G Instrument

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Outer Dimension (WxDxH) Height 490 mm; Oval Base 472 mm x 385 mm