NanoPhotometer® NP80

Microvolume & Cuvette

Patented Sample Compression TechnologyTM with guaranteed fixed path lengths allows for unmatched accuracy and precision. Independent from surface tension and free from evaporation. Lifetime accuracy guaranteed.

Recalibration-free - Sealed optics without path length drift eliminates the need for costly and time consuming recalibrations. Durable, inert surfaces provide easy to clean, scratch resistant surfaces that do not require reconditioning.

Control your NanoPhotometer® via Touchscreen /Smartphone / Tablet / PC. Equipped with Wi-Fi, USB A/B, HDMI, and LAN interface connections. Define and store your own methods.

Optional integrated battery pack provides up to 8 hours of standalone battery powered operation.

Full spectrum scan: 200 – 900 nm

Detection limit dsDNA: 1 ng/µl-16,500 ng/µl

Detection limit BSA: 0.03 mg/ml-478 mg/ml

Implen NanoPhotometer NP80 with vortex & cuvette reader

Art nr: NP80

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Implen NanoPhotometer® NP80 w. vortex, cuvette reader & touch screen

Art nr: NP80-TOUCH

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