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HiPo MPP-96 Photometer For microplates

Microplate Photometer HiPo MPP-96 is a compact tabletop device for studies in 96-well microplates. Photometer is controlled and outputs data via computer. The device is supplied with specialized software QuantAssay.
  • Quantitative assay includes up to 20 standards
  • Multiplex assays with up to 7 assays on one plate
  • up to 8* filters on wheel standard filters 405, 450, 492 and 620 nm

* - up to 4 custom filters can be fitted on demand

Year-End price: 39 000 SEK

Valid until December 31 2020, please refer to the offer when ordering

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HiPo MPP-96 Photometer For microplates

Art nr: BS-050108-A02

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Wavelength Range 400 – 700 nm