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FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reade

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The FlexStation® 3 reader’s optics are designed to easily adapt to changes in assay requirements while maintaining the optimal performance of a single-mode reader. Based on the SpectraMax M5e platform, this five-mode reader addresses multiple application technologies including: absorbance, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, luminescence and time-resolved fluorescence. Dual monochromators allow users to target the optimal assay excitation and emission wavelengths and eliminate the need to change expensive band pass filters between experiments.

Flexible liquid transfer enables more assay conditions

Using an 8- or 16-channel pipettor, the FlexStation 3 reader offers added assay flexibility over dispenser-based systems by transferring reagents from 96 or 384 distinct wells in asource plate to a read plate, simultaneously. In addition, users can define individual reagents and concentrations to be delivered to each wel

FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reade

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