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Mast Isoplex DNA Amp

Mast Isoplex utilises the advantages of loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP*) to create effective and convenient diagnostic assays. LAMP is a well published and proven alternative gene amplification method, overcoming many of the practical limitations of working with conventional PCR.

Two different detection dye options are included within all DNA amplification kits to aid differentiation:

Visual Detection Dye for visual end point reading:
Hydroxy naphthol blue (HNB) is a metal indicator, which enables the visual detection of the Mg2+ concentration and its decrease by pyrophosphate precipitation during positive LAMP amplification. The addition of HNB to the reaction mix, changes the colour from purple to blue in positive samples during DNA or RNA amplification.

Fluorochrome Dye:
Allows for automated Real-time detection on cyclers with a FAM setting for labs with higher throughput requirements.

Mast Isoplex©DNA Amp kit 48 tests Nucleic Acid Detection

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48 tests