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FastMitophagy Detection Kit mitophagy in mammalian cells

The FastMitophagy Detection Kit is specifically designed for mitophagy detection in mammalian cells. Mitophagy is the selective degradation of defective mitochondria by autophagy following DNA damage or oxidative stress. It serves as a specific elimination system by sequestering dysfunctional mitochondria into autophagosomes, fusing the phagosome to lysosomes, and degrading them by digestion. Since its first observation in 1962, mitophagy has attracted intense research for cell homeostasis and development in mammalian cells. Recent research efforts are directed towards further elucidating the role of induced autophagy as a cell survival response to stress, microbial infection, and disease (e.g., cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease).
This kit is composed of a mitophagy dye, a reagent for detection of mitophagy, and lysosome dye (Lyso dye). Mitophagy dye initially accumulates in intact mitochondria and becomes immobilized via chemical bonding, resulting in a very weak fluorescence due to the influence of the surrounding environment. When mitophagy is induced, the damaged mitochondria fuses to lysosome and the Mitophagy dye emits a high fluorescence. Lyso dye is used to confirm the fusion of Mitophagy dye - labeled mitochondria and lysosome.
Each kit contains 5 µg of Mitophagy Dye and 30 µg Lyso Dye which is enough for 5 x 96 well plates or 25 assays when using a 35 mm.

FastMitophagy Detection Kit mitophagy in mammalian cells

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