Bacterial Strain BMH 71-18 mut S, 500ul

BMH 71-18 mutS and ES1301 mutS are mismatch repair minus E. colistrains. Use of these strains prevents repair of the newly synthesized unmethylated strand, leading to high mutation efficiencies. Both ES1301 and BMH 71-18 mutS are recA+, therefore inserts containing highly repetitive sequences may be unstable. ES1301 is Tets for cycling between antibiotic resistances. BMH 71-18 is Tetr; therefore, it can only be used to select Ampr or CATr mutants.

ES1301 mutS Genotype: lacZ53, mutS201::Tn5, thyA36, rha-5, metB1, deoC, IN(rrnD–rrnE).

BMH 71-18 mutS Genotypethi, supE, Δ(lac-proAB), [mutS::Tn10], [F´, proAB, lacIqZΔM15].

Bacterial Strain BMH 71-18 mut S, 500ul

Art nr: Q6321

Fp. Storlek

500 µl