sbeadex Sequencing Application Beads (SAB)

Magnetic bead and buffer system for clean-up and size selection of DNA fragments during NGS and PCR. No sodium azide in the beads or buffers enables simple, cost-effective disposal of used materials
  • Effective size selection for enrichment of DNA fragments from 200 – 700 bp before and during NGS library prep
  • Effective NGS and PCR clean-up for removal of salts, dimers, primers, adaptors and other reaction components
  • Direct replacement for AMPure XP beads

sbeadex SAB, 5 ml

Art nr: NAP45001

Fp. Storlek

5 mL

sbeadex SAB 20ml

Art nr: NAP45002

Fp. Storlek

20 mL

sbeadex SAB 100ml

Art nr: NAP45003

Fp. Storlek

100 mL


17 054 SEK

sbeadex SAB 450ml

Art nr: NAP45004

Fp. Storlek

450 mL


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