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LiteABlot Extend

LiteAblot Extend Long Lasting Chemiluminescent Substrate has been formulated for a stable and lasting chemiluminescence. Especially useful for all those who use CCD as the capture system.
In view of the higher sensitivity of the substrate compared to "ECL-Like" products you may need to be more diluted the primary and secondary antibodies.
The detection limit is in the hundreds of fg and the stability of the signal is up to 24 hours
Using secondary antibodies as 1: 50,000 to 1: 250,000.

Solution, 50 ml Luminol / Enhancer
Solution, 50 ml Peroxide Buffer

Storage:Stable for 1 year at + 4 ° C.

LiteABlot Extend

Art nr: EMP013001

Fp. Storlek

100 ml