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PhosTag Acrylamide AAL-107

For Preparation of Self-made Acrylamide Gel

  • Recognizes and separates all phosphorylated forms of Ser / Thr / Tyr
  • Corresponds to the degrees and the positions of phosphorylation
  • Almost the same procedure as that of a conventional SDS-PAGE
  • Operates with your electrophoresis tank

Principle: Two metallic ions cooperate to bind a phosphate group. Phosphorylated proteins move while being bound by Phos-tag™ in the gel. Migration speed of phosphorylated proteins decreases an they are separted from non-phosphorylated proteins.

PhosTag Acrylamide AAL-107

Art nr: 300-93523

Fp. Storlek

1 St

Phos-tag Acrylamide AAL-107

Art nr: 304-93521

Fp. Storlek

10 mg


19 580 SEK

Phos-tag (TM) Acrylamide AAL-107 5mM Aqueous Solution

Art nr: 304-93526

Fp. Storlek

0,3 ml