Picus 2, Electronic Pipette

New Picus 2 takes your lab productivity to the next level! With its open connectivity it can be connected to the Sartorius pipetting mobile App for easy sample preparation workflows and pipette settings.
  • Picus 2 is 2X faster than mechanaical pipettes thanks to multi-dispensing mode and other modes
  • Weighs only 100 g = as light as mechanical pipettes
  • Uses 95% less operating force to support hand and wrist

Comes with 2-level password protection for stored programs to prevent unauthorized changes (optional)

Service and calibration reminders help the users to remember important service dates 

Want to order? More details coming soon! 

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Picus 2 Electronic Pipette, 1 ch 0.2-10 ul

Art nr: LH-747021

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11 820 SEK